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RSX Spoiler on an mx6?

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eBay Motors: JDM Honda DC5 Integra Type R Spoiler Wing RSX Type-R DC (item 360087057801 end time Sep-18-08 12:36:44 PDT) looks a lot like the ms spoiler, tops stick up a little bit but other then that. Anyone ever take measurements for this before?
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yeah I think people have done this and the civic (?) one that looks about the same.
So this RSX spoiler actually fits?
yes. this spoiler fits the mx6. my brother just got one for his civic and it WILL fit on the trunk of the mx6. with new holes of course but it fits.
It Fits!!!

It does fit, almost hits the edges of the trunk lid though. It's the closest you will get to the mazdaspeed spoiler. I did my best to recreate the whole Mazdaspeed MX-6 look on my car. I used the following parts:

97-01 Integra Front Lip
97-01 Prelude side skirts
02-05 Impreza rear bumper caps
02-06 RSX type s rear spoiler

Here is a link to the thread that has pictures of everything attached.
Its funny that you responded to this, I was just searching for this thread. Old old old thread but looks like you did a decent job getting it molded up nice.
Just helping a fellow mx-6 owner out. My project was a gamble because I didn't get many responses. I got lucky and only had to minimal work on the parts (the front lip had to by cut down on the sides, I had to grind the rear wheel wells a bit to fit the side skirts, and I cut the rear bumper caps as well). I still have plenty of work to do (minor body molding, paint/plasti-dip, etc) as far as the exterior goes, but I am having fun doing it on my own.
All that is pretty typical when fitting up non OE parts though. Hell, ive had to do that with parts made for the cars im installing them on. haha
It's what makes it fun, to tinker on it yourself. Until you're bleeding and cursing the damn thing cause shit keeps


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