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rubbing noise?

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not sure how to describe, but it seems to be a rubbing sort of noise coming from maybe the belt area.. Not like a whine, but sort of like the noise you barely hear when you are rolling at 2mph and push the brake pedal in about 1mm so the pads are just touching it., its hard to describe and the videos i made dont represent the noise that well. the noise seemed to sputter away when i go up a steep hill. it seems to go up with revs of the engine, but get to a point where it doesnt get to a higher note, it sticks to the revs of the engine, not throttle (doesnt go away when im slowing down in gear), and seems to be less noticable in 5th, im inclined to guess gear oil, but the noise is made in neutral as well.

Again, its hard to describe, but it sounds sort of a cross between a rubbing/ wind sort of noise, popped up last week, changed oil and oil filter, which did not fix it..

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My first guess would be a failing bearing on one of the 2 accessory belt idler/tensioner pulleys. Or maybe the alternator bushings are worn out.

To test this guess, you could remove one or both belts, run the engine for a short time, and see if the noise stops.

(Don't run the engine for more than a minute without the water pump belt, or it will overheat, though I expect you know this. And to remove the belts, loosen the 17mm locknut in the centre of the idler/tensioner pully, then turn the 10mm bolt counterclockwise, though I expect you know this too.)
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