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Rx-7 wheels

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Does anyone know where i can get 93 and up RX-7 wheels?
Will it matter that Rx-7's are FR and we are FF?
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Anyone have pics.?
Check my post in the Car Picture Post section. I am currently running FD wheels.

Your best bet to find a set is to go on and post in the wheel section. They have them for sale or you can put up a wanted ad. You should be able to find a set without tires for $300 and with tires from $400 and up. I got my set thorugh their members and I went to pick it up saving who knows how much in shipping cost. Alot cheaper and much better than most or any wheel combo out there. Search for the praise on FD wheels, they are incredible. Look at my wheel weight guide in the racing section and compare any other 16x8 wheels versus weight, they are hard to beat for anything less than $1,000.
what are the biggest stock rims that are out there for our cars?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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