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rx7 GTU?

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back in the day i had a FC mazda rx7 turbo 2. anyway today i saw a kid with a FC rx7 "gtu" and wanted to race him but had to turn off. anyway ive never even heard of gtu before. what is so special about it?
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I've never heard of it:shrug:I don't think it's going to be faster than a turbo II, so you should rape him without a problem.

A GTU edition is what I have the LS1 in. It was a handling/upgraded brakes package and came with 5 lug as well. It also had the nice mirrors and spoiler. Doesnt have the turbo hood though. Its pretty much a turboII without the turbo.
I almost bought a GTU with 30,000miles on the original motor for 1k....Owner didnt know what he had.

Someone else snapped it up before I got paid though. :(

Now I'm balancing my saving between doing a drivetrain swap into a rx-7 convert (TurboII Convertible :), my MX-6, and building the monster pontiac/kit/thing...

I wish I had a better paying job :)
If i remember right, that was the model I toyed around with before when I had my LX. We were pretty even on the low end, but once we did some higher speed races from a roll he started to pull half a car or so.

He had a 5 speed, too. I had an ATX MX6 LX with headers, and cat back and some other junk. I wouldn't say they are that fast then.
Caffeine said:
I had an ATX MX6 LX with headers
How many headers can a I4 MX-6 have?
GTU's are alot more than a T2 drivetrain.

It is the lightest production 2nd gen rx7 produced. You get the 13B of course so that's no real big powerhouse.

But what makes it so much better is the fat that it got the splined tranny from the T2, the LSD rear end and a 4.33 gearset. The body panels are thinner than regular FC's. And it has a much better hood than the T2. It is alot lighter and stronger than the T2 hood.

These cares were like the 323GTX, homologation specials. Mazda made less of these, especially the S5 (GTUs) compare to even the T2. They are made basically to be ported and carburated. AutoX is the atural choice for these cars. I turned one down a long time ago before I knew what they were, to this day I still feel the pain. I have been looking for a GTUs for the last 2 years. T2 are a dime a dozen compared to GTU. I say you race his ass, beat him (which you should since they kinda suck with the stock 13B, buy it from him, put in a streetport 13B and go do some autoX.
Whats GTU stand for, Gran Turismo..Unlimited?

Friends Beretta is one...
CustomMX6 said:
Whats GTU stand for, Gran Turismo..Unlimited?

Friends Beretta is one...

GT usually stands for Grand Touring...

Gran Turismo :rolleyes:
aggiedj02 said:
GT usually stands for Grand Touring...

Gran Turismo :rolleyes:
lol...yeah..uh same thing....j/k
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