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Sanding Fogs

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So I have a pair of jdm fogs that are for a special project.

They needed to be sanded.

So I went.

400 Wet
600 Wet
800 Wet
1000 Wet

I polished them with Plastx but they are still just as cloudy if not worse because of the sanding.

I would like to hear from other people that have done this and gotten good results.
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I did this, and mine are super clear... and I think the reason yours are still cloudy is because you started with a much too coarse grit.

When I sanded mine I STARTED at 1000 wet, and went up to 2500 wet, and then polished them with plastx.

I think to fix it you are going to have to sand with an 800 or something for a long while (or with a power tool) until the deeper gouges (causing cloudiness) are sanded smooth.
I start with 3M rubbing compound, and then jump straight to 3M 1500 grit wet sandpaper. the rubbing compound deletes the need to use any super rough sandpaper.

Use the rubbing compound with a high speed buffer or a air grinder with a buffer end. I do this once or twice, then switch to the 1500. Using lots of hot water, i sand for about 15-20 minutes. Dry them off and polish with Meguiars PlastiX. I usually do this twice also, put on one coat, let it sit and then polish it off, then do another.
I used 400 wet, then 2000 wet, then plastx. All by hand. Mine came out totally clear and smooth to the touch.

I sanded pretty heavily with both the 400 and 2000. Probably 5-10 minutes per grit.
yeah 400 is wayyyy to rough.

just hit it with some 1200/1500/2000 and re do the plastx.

ive noticed that with the plastx, it is MUCH better to just work on about 2 or 3 square inches at a time and rub in tiny circles (like dime size) making sure that theres always polish on the area.
usually when i use the plastx, i will rub it untill it is basically gone. so you cant see any more of the 'white' that the polish is.
Maybe you need more of the 1000 wet to get the groves from the larger grit papers out.

Also, try 2000 grit and I can even mail you a piece of 3000 grit if you want.

If you cant get them totally clear try a cut / buff compound from a bodyshop. Even better use cutting agent on the 2000 grit paper :)
Well they are super smooth just cloudy. I do think I will need to have them buffed.
thats how mine were the first time.

i only went to 1000, going to 2000 made the biggest difference ever.

as soon as someone will stop BS'in and get me some aspec heads you will see.. })
UM...I don't know about all you guys, but I started with 220 Grit...DRY. Then wet. Then 400 Dry, then wet. Then 600 dry, then wet. Then 1000 wet, then 2000 wet. Didn't buff or use plastix. I clear coated them 3 times with wet sanding at 2000 between coats. Clearer than glass. I'll try to get pics up tomorrow.

Nate_V8 mentioned using brake fluid before buffing his when he did them.
as soon as someone will stop BS'in and get me some aspec heads you will see.. })
I just caught that now. You are a prick colin ;)
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