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I know this subject has been explained in the project forum, and has seen some time here in this forum, but I do have a question...

Is their anyone who can give a step-by-step instruction on how to take the headlights out?

Also, I know that the lens is glued to the headlamp...what kind of glue is this (to replace later)?

And what would you recommend as the best way to take it apart? (I've read about people using ovens!?! Huh?)

Thanks, Brent

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To remove the headlights,

First remove the corner light. There's on screw that holds it on located on the top of the light. Remove it and just give the light a good pull and it'll come right off. That's really the only tricky part. After that, you'll be able to see all the screws that need to be removed to take out the headlight. I think there's either 3 or 4. And yeah, the silverish adjustment screw in front has to come out. You'll be able to see where it was originally by the line formed from the clean portion of the threads that were screwed in.

I've never taken my headlights apart, so I can't help you there. However, I had a bad case of the hazzies, and all I did was go to Autozone and buy some Blue Magic Plastic and Plexiglass Polish. The stuff worked wonders! My headlights went from yellow and nasty to crystal clear in literally minutes.

Hope this helps.

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