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Scotty Fishing Down Riggers 1050

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bought these early this spring 2008 to use on my 16ft boat. I mounted them and used them once, but was unsuccesful. My boat is to small and the fish im after are in the shallow waters.

Both down riggers come with attached weights. I purchaesd these locally, both are jel coated and have a fin on back. I believe one is an 8lb, the other is a 18lb.

Both Down riggers also come with custom all aluminum pedistal mounts. These come with keeper pins and stainless tie down wires. The pedistals can swivel and are easily mounted to almost any boat. These down riggers are also able to be removed from the pedistals via a quick detatch mount on the down rigger.

These are in new condition, excellent quality,Still have the original box's Nothing is wrong with them, I hate to sell them, but I know ill never use them.

Details on these down riggers:

SCOTTY Downrigger Features:

Lifetime warranty

Heavy wall stainless steel booms made for the most rugged conditions

100% saltwater corrosion protection

Adjustable slip clutch and automatic brake

Digital counter 0 to 999 feet (except Laketrollers)

Tilt up boom on larger models

23 long, 3/4 diameter stainless steel boom
Adjustable boom-mounted Rod Master II
rod holder
Spray protected, positive drive depth counter
Scotty Power Grip Plus line release
Quick-slide No. 1010 deck mounting bracket
An automatic brake with the most disk brake surface on the market. In the event of a bottom hang-up, it will pay-out to avoid losing gear
A high speed one foot per turn spool coupled with the extra leverage extension handles makes cranking a breeze
Each Downrigger Includes:

200 ft. of 150 lb. test cable (Laketrollers 100 ft.)

Snapper line release

Boat mounting plate

Instruction book and lifetime warranty certificate.

More pics can be veiwed here:

emxsix/ebay items/downrigger - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Id like to get $120 per rigger, may settle for $260 shipped.
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