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selecting pistons rings

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hi im in the process of rebluiding my f2 because i broke all 4 pistons i got 2 selection mahle rings chrome or hasting chrome moly i was told by a engineer that chrome moly is stronger then chrome rings any suggestions or info plz help hahahah
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I heard chrome moly is wank. Better for an engine you plan to tear down and rebuild everynow and then, not a real "set and forget" setup. Could be BS though :).
chrome moly are much harder, and less likely to wear as quickly...but theyre damn hard to bed in properly, but easier than plain chrome (or at least thats what I have found).

Personally I'd get ordinary nodular iron ones, theyre fine unless you really think your going to want to rack up another 200kkm without opening the engine, or use it on a dirt track where the engine inhales alot of dust :D you might not have any choice by the sounds of it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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