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Shifter play

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Okay heres the problem. I just replaced my tranny and thought that the play in the shifter was inside somehow, well its not. Whenver its in gear i can move it side to side about 6inches in either direction, i was wondering if there is a rubber or whatever bushing right under the shifter, that maybe could be worn out or what the hell could be causing this problem? If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated.
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Oh and by the way i didnt replace the tranny because of the shifter play, it was because i had no third gear, think the forks went bad.
There is a rubber boot between the inside and outside, but that isn't an issue with play. Most likely your bushing are worn or simply enough the bottom your shifter isn't tightened enough. When I put on my STS, I tightened it too tight at first, that **** was notchy as hell.
Okay thanks a lot, u mean the bushing that the bolt goes throught on the bottom? Thats what I was thinking also. Did your sts come with a new bushing? What kind is it and do you like it? sorry for all the questions.
you can buy the little plastic bushings that go in the bottom of the shift rod. the part numbers from mazda are B001-46-062. they should have them in stock. your other option is to buy the short-shifter from and not need the bushings bc it uses a bearing.
Hey guys thanks a lot for the input, i planned on putting a sts on anways so i might as well do it while i have it torn apart anyways.
where do the red plastic bushings from rafi go? I couldnt figure it out.
The red bushings go on the end of the shift stabilizer linkage, it's right next to the tranny, and downpipe. They're definately worth it.
Yeah, just follow the rod the bottom of your shifter connects to up toward the front of the car, you'll see it, it kinda hides behind the exhaust. You'll the the rod has two soft rubber things on either side, the red bushings replace those, they're old/soft/crappy.

I didn't have the tools to reach that when I put in my shifter one night, and the next day I put them in, and it does make a difference. To me anyways, could just be the placebo effect.

Oh, and the rr-racing STS doesn't have bushing at the bottom, they're replaced with bearings.
OK, so two questions. 1) Do I have to remove anything to get to the bushings (e.g. crossmember)? 2) Should I have not put two little metal washers in between the shift linkage and the actual shifter? Thanks guys.
nah, you can get to them, its just a single bolt that holds it. Almost same as the shifter. Just need a ratchet extender to reach around the exhaust piping.

And yes you need those two washers on the bottom of the shifter.
lose shifter

i also have some play in my shifter the tranny's got 95000 miles on it but seems to be in good shape and the clutch seems fine but the linkage or something seems loose do u guys think i should just get a short shifter kit to solve this problem
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