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Shocks for the GT

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My shocks are really shot. I've got the auto suspension option (I think all GTs do), and I really don't want to put just regular shocks in--unless enough people tell me the auto suspension thing is a joke.

I checked with the dealer, If I remember right, they were about $250/shock, going for a crazy a$$ $1000 for new shocks-which I am not rich or dumb enough to pay.

I used to manufacture Hydraulic Cylinders for a living, and know hydraulics pretty well--there ain't much to know, a piston, a ring, a cylinder, then valves. They can be rebuilt very easily.

So that is my question, what about these shocks, can they be rebuilt? A shock is just a hydraulic, right? I imagine the Auto suspension thing just switches to different valves to achieve stiffer, and softer, and auto settings.

I really want to improve the handling of this car. It alread sets low, so that will not improve anything, I know I need shocks, so I don't want to buy springs yet. Anyone else just put regular shocks on? What were the results, or advice, or whatever?
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I may need to clarify--I don't think the car has been lowered (a girl owned it-everything is stock--or so I think). It just sits lower or sure seems to sit lower than my 1990 GT.

I've heard the same thing about the Ford shocks swap, but I wonder if they are of the same quality. I assume the 1st gen Probes have this option also?

On probes, did the 1st gens come with a turbo? Just curious
Thanks yall, I'm going to check to see if they can be rebuilt. I'll let yall know what if any thing that I find out.
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