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Shocks for the GT

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My shocks are really shot. I've got the auto suspension option (I think all GTs do), and I really don't want to put just regular shocks in--unless enough people tell me the auto suspension thing is a joke.

I checked with the dealer, If I remember right, they were about $250/shock, going for a crazy a$$ $1000 for new shocks-which I am not rich or dumb enough to pay.

I used to manufacture Hydraulic Cylinders for a living, and know hydraulics pretty well--there ain't much to know, a piston, a ring, a cylinder, then valves. They can be rebuilt very easily.

So that is my question, what about these shocks, can they be rebuilt? A shock is just a hydraulic, right? I imagine the Auto suspension thing just switches to different valves to achieve stiffer, and softer, and auto settings.

I really want to improve the handling of this car. It alread sets low, so that will not improve anything, I know I need shocks, so I don't want to buy springs yet. Anyone else just put regular shocks on? What were the results, or advice, or whatever?
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I've changed the rear ones on my and it is crappy handeling ever since. I would stick to AAS. The other thing about AAS is that it helps out in cornering a great deal and when the turbo kicks in no matter what position the setting is in the system stiffens the shock to extra firm. Ever since i changed the the 2 rear struts my car handles like crap. Just something to keep in mind. One idea that was thrown at me at the time was putting in 2nd gen struts and springs all around which will lower yer front end 2" and rear 1". Hope this helped u out.
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