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Short 02 sensors?

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Was wondering if there is an 02 sensor that is shorter physically,

not the cable, or wire, but the unit itself where the wire comes out of it, that metal tube part, before the thread

i ask because in order for me to take out my o2 sensor now with my new pipes, i have to take off the pipes :tdown:

so i rather have a smaller length 02 sensor so i dont have to go through all of this hassle..

so is there such thing as a smaller in length 02 sensor?
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why do you have to take off the pipes? Even without an O2 sensor socket all you need is a torch and they'll come off. I can see why long O2 sensors would be a problem if you're using a socket, but try an open ended wrench
Well at the moment, the end of the o2 sensor, metal part not wire, is touching my block.. so by turning it it will push into my block and wont be able to get it off fully, but i will find a way to get it off, but then i need to get the new one in, so intern i need a small length one

i dont use a socket, i use a nice 22mm wrench

iim using avc turbo pipes to clarify
well hoever you managed to get this one on seems to be the way you need to get it off, and it sounds like it was put on when the pipe was off. if you're taking the pipe off to take it off, why not just put a new one on then?

But to answer your original question, I bought a Bosch that was a bit shorter than the one that was on before. This is from a post back in may, Bosch on the right, stock on the left.

i can't remember if that little white part bends though
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well i just put on my turbo pipes, and when i did i put on the o2 sensor first, and then i had ti kinda bend the o2 sensor tip to get it to fit properly

im not taking off my pipes again to change my o2 sensor, thats my point, it took forever for me to get them on so i rather not go through all that hassle

so in order for me to not have that, id need a shorter o2 sensor, and i see that is the 1 wire o2 sensor, and u said it was from bosch?

do you have the part number and the price
not the part number, receipt is in jersey in last years car maintenance file. It ran me about $50 IIRC. Hoe do you plan on getting this one off without removing the pipes? cutting it? Or since the tip is bent will it be easier to get it off?
if i get a replacement that i know for sure fits, i will cut it in half and then just screw it off

i had to bend it to get it to fit when it was previously screwed in, so i wont be able to screw it out
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