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short notice cruise 18th oct 08

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NSW short notice cruise 18th oct 08

hey all just wanted to see if anyone is up for a cruise on the 18th of this month to bathurst as i missed the last one due to going to melb to get a gearbox :( so i wanna set see if there is enough intrest in this one

meeting place penrith maccas
time 10am

what to bring

full tank

that is all

ps and if anyone would like to invite other mazda clubs your more then welcome
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if this is gonna be a sereous cruise or just a piss around youll need routes, times, REAL meet places (more specific then just penrith maccas), ill probably pass on this one.
just need to see how many intrest i get first
but this should be more then enough info i geuss

meet place

penrith maccas 10am

finelly meet richmond maccas at 11am

here is a map

from: jack williams drive, penrith to: bathurst - Google Maps
soz mate no chance, caulfield cup is on and ill be plastered hehe. another time tho.
good luck with it.
hey id be in i missed the last cruise to cuz my brakes were bad so my parents took my keys hahaha
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