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So this is going to be yet another post about Short Shifters.
So here's what i've got so far, I've just gotten my P Plates and since I have been driving the mx6 basically daily I've worked out that the throw on the shift is insanely longer then all the ones that i have gotten used too.
In terms of short shifters due to research from this forum and ProbeTalk I've found that the B&M is the best, but after a conversation between me and a sales executive we decided that it would be the rarest thing to find for sale nowadays. So I'm looking for a shifter that is defiantly steel of some sort. A B&M would be awesome but i don't want any cheap knock off ones and i'm not smart enough to be able to point it out.
I've been looking at a Megan Racing one for $64 and I've been considering it, I'm wondering as too any other short shifter's of good quality.
Any options, i don't care if it feels notchy, just not too notchy.
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