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Should I buy this? (1997 LS)

I found this car at a disposal auction.

The Bad:
Both airbags deployed.
Looks like its missing the front bumper cover,and driver headlight (the rest that you dont see is probably in the car and damaged).
Looks like it was hit in passenger front side.
Needs a new windshield (from where the airbag deployed I think).
Has a salvage title.
I cant get in to look at it or watch bidding (all I can do is have a friend bid for me since he is a dealer).
It doesnt have a muffler on the back (but that means I can pick what I want) Is that a good thing?
Its not red :( .
I cant tell if there is damage to unibody.

The Good:
72,506 miles.
It has a $500 Pioneer head unit in the dash, and some lcd for something.(and I can only imagine what is in the trunk)
I did a VIN # search and it says that its an V-6 LS, and it has 12 records in the database, but Ive been told its like 3 records when its totaled by insurance CO, plus accident, and so on.
1997 model year.


You think I should buy this or not buy it?
If I should buy it how much you think I should bid?
Can anyone see any damage to unibody (frame)?
What do you think that is in the picture of the interior?(bottom of pic)

What do you think I would have to do to fix the car?
What parts do I need to buy, where to get, how much?
I cant really tell by the pictures, You think its silver or gray?

I am probably going to do all of this myself since I really cant afford to pay someone to do it, and it will probably be salvage parts I harvest myself or buy stuff off of some of you guys.

It sells November 19, so I need to decide by the 18th.
Oh, and dont give me any of that "I cant do it because I'm stupid" crap (wish I could use the other word). I can do anything if I have the right tools; and my dad is a machinist and welder.

Really wanting to have a third mazda in the family (95 626 LX and 92 DX both I4)

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Should you buy it? Well that depends on a couple things. Are you looking for a stock exterior on this car or are you doing a body kit/ hood/ fenders etc? The reason I ask is because the stock Mazda parts are much more expensive than the aftermarket applications. You will NEED at least a new front bumper and a passenger fender and most likely a new hood and/or a driver side fender. I say this because in the second pic, the hood and fender are nowhere near sitting correctly. Oh also, obviously new headlights. There are a couple options you have for these. Search this site and you'll find out where to get the stuff you need. You CAN do all of this yourself, but again, if you're looking for a stock appearance, I say just save the trouble, spend a little more and get a 6 in good shape. Hope this helps.

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I just want it to look as good as or better than stock, If I can do a bodykit cheaper and look better heck yes I will, but I dont want to lower it.

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Is everyone speechless or something?

Nobody has anything to say?
Oh well, I've decided to bid on it if there is no un-repairable damage (my friend is going to look at it today for me since I cannot get in the place to see it myself), and If I do win the auction I will need some price quotes for damaged parts that need replaced, and Im considering getting a bodykit. Does anybody know when the raven goes into production?
How much brighter is the projection headlights compared to stock a-specs? I want a picture of light projection, I want them to light up the road for me and not blind everyone else ;) so I really dont care how bright they look from front like all these headlight bulb manufacturers like to take pictures of to show how bright a light their bulb makes, but just how well they light up the road.
Oh, and I dont want airbag suspension, but I do want to be able to raise and lower it on command instantly from inside car, are there like air shocks that can do that?

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as for the jspecs, i think my projectors put out plenty of light, i am not sure for the new pods.
you can get air ride suspension which consists of a tank,compressor, valves, switches, lines, and air struts, but that is going to be $1500 or more
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