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Should I fix the 6 or pass on it?

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Sup ppl
I am having a little dilemma on whether to fix a front right damaged 6 or pass on fixing it. It is my friends and he cant afford to fix it at the moment so he is going to sell it to me. The damage in on the front right panel, lights, rad piece(whole front?), bumper (no biggie) and i believe a piece that is attatched to the protrudes forward(dont know what its called). Well guys can you help me out on this....should i pass on it or fix it.....basically im trading it for one of my cars if i decide to do it.......any suggestions?? :help:
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i would but i do not have a digital camera :(........soon perhaps pretty sure that i will need a radiator support as well
i would have your insurance appraise it i guess...but yeah if u could get pictures up at a page, that would be great friend doesnt want to go through insurance company since it was his own fault thats why he is tading it..............Im gettin pictures of the car soon and maybe then it will be clearer for you guys to help me out on deciding on this
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