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My white 94 (2nd gen) looks great for 10 yrs old. No chips at all.
I have an MTX and would not have it any other way.
Two things I like about the 2nd gen.
1) they have a distinctive shape and look. You dont see 8 more MX6's when you drive to the local store or whatever. You cant say that about most other imports. Hell, I bet I dont see one each week.
2) the V6 has a distinctive sound. I think I read it on this website and it has stuck with me ever since because it is true: The V6 sounds exotic. No tinny fart can sound, but a true tune, which at the right RPM is music to my ears (sorry for the cliche).
3) did I mention they are easy on the eyes, especially with the right body kit? Oh yeah, I guess I sorta did.

Things that I dislike?

1) the V6 needs high octane gas
2) they are tinny with respect to the body. Close the door and you will see.
3) the stock suspension leaves a large wheel gap. OK, so I'm nitpicking, but to lower these babies, prepare to shell out about $600 on struts, springs, bearings/mounts, etc.:eek:
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