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I recently baught all this stuff and made plans to do it all in one took me 3 days...mostly waiting to get the new VC gaskets.

Painted the IM ( lots of high temp aluminum and clear coat paint)
Painted the VC's (lots of high temp universal black and clear coat paint)
Installed Thermo spacers
Replaced VC gaskets
Oil change/Flush
Fix Vacuum lines.

Removed the IM

took off the VC's

The difference between stock and outlaw

Puting her together


Where you filter should be mounted!..dont be afraid to cut away some plastic...the parts i cut did nothing anywase.

Much better filter location!... *less water, road crud destroying the filter*

After i put this all together...i had 3 problems,
1. Pluged the VRIS connecters into the wrong VRIS's, easy fix
2. Throttle was to tight and reving the car at 2,000 at idle, had to bore out the the TB braket
3. Over heating, must of lost a gallon of coolant while i was working on the engine. just poored more in.

Other then that....

THE SIX IS RUNNING LIKE A MONSTER, LOTS OF Torque, massive increase of acceleration and top speed, the IM stays cold, and im very proud indeed.

Note : most of the HP gain was because my vris vacuum lines were F"cked up in the begining, and now i got them working.

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Man you car is comming along great. :)
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