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side mirrors disasembly Q

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hey does anyone know exactly how the side mirrors come off i need to paint them and didn't wanna fidget with them yet my guess is there's nuts on the inside cover but i haven't had time to check, reply is someone could thnx
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your theory sounds right.

otherwise im sure a baseball bat would do the trick.
if the baseball doesnt work drive really close to a mailbox really fast., but i wouldnt suggest that since messing with mailbox's is a federal crime.

What i would suggest is standing on your roof and jumping down on it.
lol yeah if you take the cover off the inside there are three screws that hold it on and one electrical connection. when i repainted one of mine i took the actual mirror out to paint inside as well but it is a pain in the ass, moving the glass to each side trying to reach the screws so if you mask it and just spray around it it should be enough
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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