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I posted this on Probetalk, but was hoping there might be some additional knowledge here.

Ok, this is a recently up and running car I just barely bought with a blown motor. Replaced it, but I noticed a slow gear oil leak. Since I just recently got it I do NOT have an extensive knowledge of it's history.

PROBLEM: I traced the leak to the driver's side CV axle where it goes into the transmission. I pull it out and replace the old seal. Yes, I'm positive I installed it correctly, done a number of these. It still leaks from the seal. Confused, I go to wiggle the axle and it has TONS of horizontal play ... NOT the in and out it's supposed to have. Also ... I can put a big screwdriver in under the metal housing and pop the axle out with very very little effort.


VIDEO of movement:
Axle002.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Does this mean bad spider gears or something? When I had the axle out, the gear splines inside the diff did have a bit of movement and I had to stick a screwdriver in to make it line back up with the hole so I could insert the axle?
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