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Slave Cylinder Help !!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, so I replaced my slave cylinder and I've been trying to bleed the motherfucker for 2 hours now. The air in the line wont get out and I don't know why. I tried using a one man speed bleeder at first and since that wasn't working, I decided to try to bleed it the traditional way just like how you do a brake line.

Now my question is " Is there a special way to bleed a slave cylinder and I just don't know it or what the fuck is going on? " There doesn't appear to be any leaks anywhere else. The brake pedal is firm so I doubt that the master cylinder is shot. Someone please help me because this shit is driving me crazy.
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First of all do you need to bleed your master cylinder?

I had something similar to this happen. What I did is unhooked the lines and then tried each section of line and found out that one of the lines wasnt seeding right which allowed air to get through. This may be something to try to narrow down where the air is coming from.

I took a broken line that threaded in and tried it at the master cylinder and then worked away from it piece by piece, I did an mtx swap so I am not sure how many connections there are, but this should narrow down where the air is coming from.

I did this with a power bleeder so that way it gave a smooth line of fluid if there were no leaks.
Where can I get a power bleeder? I'm not bleeding my master cylinder, it's my slave cylinder that is giving me shit. I guess I could re-check everything but nothing seems to be wrong. I'm going to beat this car with a bat if it doesn't get fixed. I can swap a motor but I can't bleed a slave cylinder correctly ? :lol:
welp, have a buddy help pumping on that clutch pedal over and over and over and MAKE SURE that resevoir doesn't go dry. if it does, you're gonna be starting from the beginning. I replaced my master and slave on two cars, and it took so friggin long to bleed it, AND i had a hand pump to help me bleed, but nothing beat just having someone inside the car pumping the pedal, holding it, me loosening the bleeder valve, tightening it back up, then having the person inside pumping it again a WHOLE bunch of times, holding it down and repeat. Even had my mom help me pump the clutch when my bro wasn't around :p make sure nothing is leaking and that master cylinder is sucking in fluid. If not, wondering if your master cylinder needs replacing too. also check if the slave cylinder piston moves, if not, maybe even give it a little help and push it in and have the person inside pump that sucka. hope everything goes well
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It works the best like BMX desrcibed. As far as a power bleeder I got mine at harbor freight tools. If I remember there is one in milwaukee, but you can get them anywhere, I only paid like $30 for it, I dont use it a lot but if I cant find anyone to help pump then I use it.

Dont feel bad, when I did my mtx swap i was ready to junk my probe. I was bleeding the slave cylinder, not realizing it was seized, blew out the seal in my master cylinder, then I had to rebuild the master cylinder and get a different slave cylinder. I felt oftly stupid after I couldnt figure out why the pedal only went half way down, then i just pushed it as hard as i could and blew brake fluid all over the carpet on the inside of the car.
Well, the problem is that the clutch pedal just isn't getting stiff. It just falls straight to the floor when you try to pump it.
you got a leak somewhere. something isn't holding pressure. double check your slave cylinder and make sure it's not leaking and all your connections. put little tissues or something underneath each connection or fitting to catch any leaks. and like i said before, check to see if the master is even sucking in fluid. If it's not, get a new master cylinder. I think it's only like 45 bucks or something and pretty easy to change if you've got someone with small hands sitting around :p make sure your clutch line isn't leaking. look for wet spots in your engine bay
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