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Don't do it!

Save your money. There is no reduced friction benefits from this stuff (Slick 50). Dupont, the maker of PTFE ("Teflon") has not endorsed the use of Teflon particulate as Blue Coral (Slick 50s maker) is doing. During cold conditions, the PTFE can fall out of suspension and coagulate into a semi-solid mass in the oil pan, that can clog the oil pickup.

As to claims the PTFE bonds to the cylinder walls and reduces friction, ask yourself this: why can't you use metal utensils in a non-stick frying pan? The bond that PTFE forms with the metal of the pan is tenuous at best and easily damaged by abraision. Just like a piston and rings will do. Besides, the conditions required to form that bond in the first place are not present in a piston engine.

Blue Coral was involved in a $20,000,000 class-action lawsuit and were banned by a US Federal Trade Commission from making claims that Slick 50 reduced engine wear, bettered fuel economy and reduced running temps because there is no proof any of that is true. They agreed to pay the $20E+06 in punitive and other damages.

Duralube is headed in the same direction. Car & Driver did a test, repeating Duralube's famous "no oil" test and found their engines lasted just 11-seconds without oil. The same Federal Commission has been forwarded the test results and are looking into similar action against Duralube.

If these snake-oils were as good as they say; if they bettered fuel economy, if they reduced wear etc, every car-maker, every single fleet company, taxi company, police, fire, aircraft and Gawd-only-knows what other engine makers/users would be recommending the stuff. They don't.

The best reasonable protection you can get is to switch to a grade of oil that suits your climate (in Canada for instance, we switch to 5W30 or lower for winter and 10W30 or so in summer), use a synthetic like Mobil 1 and change the oil and filter frequently and keep the engine in a good state of tune. Do that, and your engine will last forever...
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