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man this one turbo 240 burned the shizz out of me.. we were lined up.. and i knew he wanted to run.. i knew i can smoke 240's with ease, so i decided to run also.. so the light turned green. and man i thought i was keepin up., until he punched it... and dayumn.. when he shifted gears, i heard a loud ass blow-off valve.. anyways.. i tried to keep up but dayumn.. this dude str8 took off.. and left me behind.. i thought i actually did good.. knowing that that car was turbo.. i didnt really feel bad about losing.. because man.. them shitts are fast.. dang.. that car was fast, and it wasnt even riced out. it just look clean and simple, no hardcore body kits, or stickers, just sportin the blacks and sum add-ons, (lip-sideskirts) and a loud ass GREDDY TURBO EXHAUST.... it looked hella raced out.. so i dont feel bad....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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