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Well I thought I was having a bad day a couple weeks ago when I found out about my super low compression....But today I threw a rod. Or rather yesterday about 1pm. No joke. I guess that the combo of 5th gear, 6200 RPM and a WOT on a dying motor is a bad thing.

It's 4:30 in the morning and I found out about 1/2 hour ago, just got done pulling most of it apart.

Here's what happened....You all already knew my motor was dying so I decided to have one last hurrah racing it and then limp it until I have the ZE ready. Fresh oil and filter, new timing tensioner, perfectly timed, new fuel filter, two 'new' tires and a buggy bath. Cruising at 100 from Lakepoint until the first Rest Area the car was just fine and happy. Anybody who's been out there knows that on the other side is a nice little hill and I was catching up to Zach and Matt.

Clear traffic ahead so I think 'What the Hell' Punch it in 5th right up to 135 where it stops accelerating at 6200 RPM, right before the last VRIS point. I'm stubborn thinking it'll hit it and keep going, well it doesn't so I slow down, cars were ahead anyway. I get to be able to speed up again and here comes fourth. Little studder/misfire but I think nothing of it because I had washed the engine bay and blamed it on the water. But there's no power, at all. and I can hardly accelerate. Not 15 seconds later I start to smell something very, very funny and have the instant feeling that I should pull over to check it out, thinking I had actually fried a ring or something. Then it happens...BIG POP, lights on the dash and a dead motor. Popped the hood and nice puffs of smoke comming from on of the crankcase vent tubes.

I call Zach, tell him the bad news and wait for him to get there. Then to add insult to injury because I had stopped so abruptly the motor was hot, really hot and I didn't turn on the fans. Without warning PFFFFTTTTHHHHTTTTTT!!!! goes the upper radiator hose making a nice mess.

First off we think it's slipped a timing tooth because there's no knocking on cranking and it lubs just like a slipped tooth. Anyway no racing that day, ate at Peppermill, go back to the car try to start it and there it is....KNOCK!! KNOCK!! KNOCK!! KNOCK!! KNOCK!! KNOCK!! KNOCK!! KNOCK!!

I'm screaming and jumping up and down at Zach "TURN IT OFF!! TURN IT OFF!!" It got a nice tow home from the Tote Goat and then the Ram. Pull valve covers/cams off and all the valves are just fine, of course there's pretty metal flake like you wouldn't believe in the oil everywhere so out comes the bottom end. I wish I had a picture of what my face looked like when I saw piecies of rod/bearing in the catch tray and the mauling that the bottom skirt took. Oh and there was piecies of piston there as well. No tto mention the lower girdle had a hole in it and was cracked almost completely on one side. :tup:

I never realized how pretty tons and tons of metal shavings in oil really is, gives me a great Idea for a new paint scheme

But hey, now it just gets it's ZE a few months ahead of schedule.

I'll try to get som pics up, that block is just sad Not to mention the grenaded parts!!

Moral of the story is....see the big red writing in my sig....

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