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So who's from the Phoenix Area?

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I am usually posting on (if you have ever been there, you've seen me no doubt). I am trying to get AZPOC up and running (Arizona Probe Club), and would like to see some more MX-6's AND Probes joining the club.

Let me know who is in the general area. Most of us from Phoenix usually meet up in Scottsdale, AZ every saturday night and show off our cars at the Pavilions Car Show.

I have designed some flyers to pass out to get people active in the club. Email me if you want a high quality Photoshop file version of it.

[email protected]
AIM: BoostedRebel

btw, I am not the president or in any way a club leader for AZPOC, but I am a former member of BAPOC, where meets and event days were very common, and I would like to see that out here in AZ.
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