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For pics:
1997 Mazda MX-6, 5-spd, $1200, 305km, AS IS | used cars & trucks | Ottawa | Kijiji

Daily driver, runs well, selling it as-is.
Needs some work to pass safety: cracked windshield, driver-side rear caliper, parking brake, front tires

The good:
Has RR-RACING short throw shifter and shifter boot and shift stabilizer bushings
Borla exhaust stainless steel
Prm cold air intake
Python 2-way alarm
Comes with rims
Lowered on tokico illuminas and eibach springs
New front wheel bearings
Synthetic oil changes for the last 175k km

Winter wheels available
Rear calipers are from a 2002 protege 5
Timing belt and water pump done at 160k

The bad:
Loses 1q of oil every 4 months
Weak a/c
Rust at top of A pillars and C pillars
Occasionally bogs at partial throttle
Driver front caliper piston boot torn
Brakes and clutch need to be bled
Looks like clutch master cylinder is leaking
Hail damage
Paint chips on front
Might need alignment
Rear rims slightly bent but 1 can be 0 balanced, 1 gets within 0.25
Stutter when start sometimes but clears up quickly, probably a valve stem seal, been doing it since 100k
Sunroof sticks when closing, probably just need to clean tracks
Pass window motor slow since I bought it
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