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I have an original Jay B (remember that guy??) Turbo Manifold for a 2.2.
I bought it from him a few years back when he was getting into his FE3.
It's a beauty, thick and heavy as hell. There was a small crack in one of the welds that didn't go all the way through, but I still got it fixed by a pro. 250 dollars

I also have 2 turbos. Do they work? yup, do they need to be rebuilt? thats up to you. they don't smoke, but every used turbo should be rebuilt. (my disclaimer)

the first is a 300zx garrett t3.
It's a 60 trim. plenty of power. Almost ZERO Shaft play
200 bucks

the second is from a Saab 900 (iirc)
Small amount of shaft play
100 bucks

I also have lots of random stuff to sell, complete set of probe tails,
2.5 Distributor, and a Bell Engineering Rising Rate FPR. I'll add those pics later.

Any questions, ask away or email (alfieii A.T.

300zx turbo:

saab turbo:

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