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Some 1st gen Turbo stuff

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I have an original Jay B (remember that guy??) Turbo Manifold for a 2.2.
I bought it from him a few years back when he was getting into his FE3.
It's a beauty, thick and heavy as hell. There was a small crack in one of the welds that didn't go all the way through, but I still got it fixed by a pro. 250 dollars

I also have 2 turbos. Do they work? yup, do they need to be rebuilt? thats up to you. they don't smoke, but every used turbo should be rebuilt. (my disclaimer)

the first is a 300zx garrett t3.
It's a 60 trim. plenty of power. Almost ZERO Shaft play
200 bucks

the second is from a Saab 900 (iirc)
Small amount of shaft play
100 bucks

I also have lots of random stuff to sell, complete set of probe tails,
2.5 Distributor, and a Bell Engineering Rising Rate FPR. I'll add those pics later.

Any questions, ask away or email (alfieii A.T.

300zx turbo:

saab turbo:

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well that 300zx turbo bolt right up to that exhaust manifold?
Yup, its the one thats in the first picture.
Yup, its the one thats in the first picture.
not too our stock manifold it wont.
bell RR FPR, what model number? and How much to 15132 ?
would u take 350 ford both t3 and that exhaust manifold? plus whatever shipping is?
Heres the FPR: It's an older style.

As for the price, make a reasonable offer. These things are the best ever made, not the made in china junk. :tup:

krazyasslunatic: PM me or email me.
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