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Some advice please??

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HI guys,

a friend at work has this major problem, heres the short version. She traded in a beetle for a merc a class, day later, merc a class dashboard melts all fuses blowing and smoke all over, can undrivable. She and her chap towed it back to the garage today, but Charlotte spoek to the guy, and he was very off hand and made her cry. He said that she cant "go back on the sale" and they have to be given the chance to fix it. This sounds about right, but I do believe she also has the right to reject the goods, used car or not, and this guy didnt accept that, does anyone know where she stands? we check trading stabdards, and it seem to us she is rigth in terms of rejecting the goods, but how can she enforce this?
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My advice is time is of the essence...

If this happened a day after picking up the car, She should reject the car and demand her money back and old car, or the value of the old car if it is not available..

If the dealer took that attitude, I would be going elsewhere..

As for the legal side of it.. I would recommend that she visits the local Citizens advice bureau, as they will take up the case on her behalf.. She needs to act fast, firstly stating to the dealer that she is rejecting the goods, and wants a full refund and her old car.

you are spot on John, she managed to speak to trading standards and citizens advice, and they said aexactly what you have. they also gave her a handy letter template, to fax/send to him, which she did, and he has now agreed to give her back her old car plus whatever cash was involved. Luckily she only got the car Monday!
Result !!

VERY pleased to hear this Clive... and glad to have helped..

so you guys know, the garage was Dearn Valley garage, not naming and blaming as such, but you gotta worry when someone buys a Merc A class and it sets on fire for no reason...the buyer told me a fuse was blown, and the stereo didnt work neither did the lights, but they thought nothing of it, seems an electrical fault was present., as a garage, I would have expect that to be fixed and tested?? Anyway, thanks for the advise John, it really helps! Shes sorted now, but back to square one with her old car.
Hi Clive..

If this is the one at Scissett, then you can fill in a report for qwertycars here...

Dearne Valley Garage, West Yorkshire | QwertyCars, like AutoTrader but Free!

and there are plenty more like that on the net...

As she has got it all settled, she may not wish to, but with the guy being off hand in the first place, may just make her want to write a report..

Just a thought..

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hmm, i dont THINK so, she said it was in Barnsley....
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