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I'm installing a klze into my mx6 soon and am curious about what I should be doing to my new engine before its installation. I will be installing a new cam & lifter kit with it & new TB. I will have the carbon cleaned from the intake. Should I be wary of any other jobs that should be undertaken while the engine will be out of the car?

My car is a 93 and I'm pretty certain that it has its original clutch in there, should I look at replacing that as well. There is over 120,000 miles on the stock clutch.

The mechanic I have chosen to do the work is pretty knowledgeable and seems to be looking out for me, does anyone have any recommendations for me as to how I can make sure he's not screwing me? They are allowing me to partake of the install letting me assist, for an additional fee of course. They want $500 for the install and $150/200 for allowing me to watch/help. Does this sound reasonable? Other prices I have received were comparable. Just hard to trust people these days.

If anyone is in the socal area (i'm in san diego) can you recommend a good shop for what I'm looking to get done. Appreciate any guidance from all of you out there. Just being overally cautious about this. Thanks! dpf

when the engine is out of the car allways replace the clutch...its alot easier..believe me.
there charging you more to watch? skip it.
you will know if they screwed you the first time you stomp the gas. get a compression test. change the oil and all filters you can find on the ****er.
if your concerned about the job being done right...get a written agreement.
500 bux is a STEAL to install an engine. will this include hooking up all the components such as, exhaust, wiring, etc?

ive been involved in changing evrything from a rm125 engine all the way up to a 2.4 litre nissan truck engine to 3 chevy 350's(in old ass, huge engine bay,carb using,no cpu having,cars and one truck.
and all i can say is if these guys are gonna do a complete turn key install for 500 bux then they are saints.
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