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Some questions

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Just had a quick check round the brakes to see that all was ok and make sure that they're not so low that i'll find myself having to changing the pads on some freezing cold snow laden evening later this year.
Brakes are fine but, I spotted the nearside steering gatter was coverd in grease so probably has split are these expensive and how easy are they to fit ?. The second thing and i know you lot wont forgive me for this is that i had the exhaust replaced in may with a standard unit and there seems to be a small hole on the engine side of the back box. Its not seam thats gone it's a small deliberate looking hole like it was make with a centre punch. I take that its not meant to be there? or is it ?

Thanks in advance for the info :confused:
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Hi Blue6,
For the CV Gaiter see here:
Mine went a couple of weeks ago and I had to replace it. I used one of the Halfords glue-together jobs and it seems fine.

As to the exhaust, I don't know. Never had a standard back box while I've had the car. If it was fitted by Mazda why not give them a ring?


Thanks Ken
Thinking about the exhaust i suppose its possible that something
has flicked up of the road and punctured it
oops should have been on thread for "some questions"

Hi Ken
I was actually the steering gater on the off side end of the rack
any body any experience with these ?
Yep. Easy enough to change. Half hour job. As for price i think mazda sell a kit which is 30 quid. Just remember to redo the tracking afterwards.

Well had some time at the weekend and so i cleanedall the muck the stearing rack gater, and i can't fine a split in it anywhere, may be this is oil/ grease thats run down from somwher else, very pleased i don't have to do that job:D
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