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Hey guys. I want to offer my mx6 up for sale to you local guys because if I don't sell it locally I will end up parting it. The body is in good shape and it would be a shame to waste it's shell.

Asking $6,000 or reasonable offer. Don't low ball me, It's got 9k just into the motor and tuning hardware.

The body has somewhere around 200k on it but it is in great shape. The motor has less than 5k miles on it since a complete rebuild with forged internals, lower compression, and 210 degree cams with modified heads.

Long story short I'm not driving the car and it's no use for me to have it around and not enjoy it. This thing just needs a few little problems addressed and then it is ready for boost. I was planning on running 12psi on it and the motor will handle more than that without a problem. Even N/A it's fast. The cams really open up in the top end and it pulls hard to redline. I can chirp the tires into 3rd gear and torque steer into 4th and 5th if I shift hard enough.

Known issues:

~It has an undiagnosed misfire in the number 6 cylinder. The motor doesn't smoke at all and it runs well aside from the misfire. I am leaning towards a bad fuel injector being the culprit at the moment but I have not had it looked at by a professional.

~The brakes are not working at all. I have a brand new power brake booster that should solve all the problems with the brakes. It has not been installed yet.

~It has a working tune on the MS but it could really use a good dyno session to even things out and improve performance. This motor is very capable naturally aspirated but it will absolutely shine once you throw boost at it. It will make at least 350whp reliably.

I'm sure you guys know what my car looks like but I'll post a few pictures anyway.

The blue plug wires have been replaced with the ones I listed below. I just haven't taken a picture yet. I also have a matching rear VC and a set of fuel rails that are the same gold color.



Fully Rebuilt KLDE w/
8.5:1 Wiseco Pistons
Pauter Billet Rods
210° Custom Ground Cams
VAF Delete/MAP conversion
Cold Air Intake
'94 Distributor
8.2mm Taylor Thundervolt Spark Plug Wires
Hotshot Ceramic Coated Headers
Pacesetter High Flow Catalytic Converter
Borla Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust
Brand new radiator
Brand new alternator
Air Conditioning Delete


Spectre EMS-Pro (Megasquirt)
Innovate Motorsports LC1 Wideband O2 Controller w/ Nordskog Instruments DB Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge (Red)


Clutchmasters Stage 1 clutch with stainless steel braided clutch line
RR-Racing Ultimate Short Throw Shifter
CF_Z's UHMWP Shifter bushings (Transmission Side)
PMO Tubular Subframe with built in Polyurethane Front Motor Mount
RR-Racing Polyurethane Rear Motor Mount Insert
King6 Passenger Side Polyurethane Motor Mount
King6 Polyurethane Transmission mount


Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
Tokico Blues Struts
AWR 19mm Rear Sway bar with adjustable end links
Probeaddiction Front and Rear strut tower bars
Brand new strut mounts (X4)
Brand new Lower control arms w/ ball joints and tie rod ends
Brand new passenger side axle assembly
Slotted and Drilled Brembo Brake Rotors (X4)


LSi Front Lip - I sold the side pods.
OEM Rear Lip Spoiler
M-edition All Red Tail Lights
Front clear side marker lights
Clear Lamin-x covered headlights and corner lights
Yellow Lamin-x covered fog lights
Front mud flaps (rears will be installed soon)


M-edition Stainless Steel Door Sills
Mazdaspeed Protege Pedal Set
Mazda6 Shift Knob
Panasonic touchscreen head unit
Espec Dash Bezel without cup holder (Tons of dash button space)


Silver 16" Motegi Mr7
215/50/16 BfGoodrich Traction T/A tires

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how about a we trade for all the money in my wallet ($3) my $300 ze swapped mx6, a blown gt30r turbo, a set of stainless endlinks, some low millage alltrac struts/springs/hubs, 4 440cc injectors, lets see what else is lying around the garage...

in all seriousness though are you sure you want to sell it? As you said it only has a few problems that you need to address before its ready to go. There's been more than a few times that I've been so frustrated with the celica that I've tried to sell it, the same with every car person I know and their baby. I'd finish the car up (you'll have all the help you need in 2 weeks) and drive it for a bit. If it still doesn't make you happy than its time to sell it.

Regardless of what goes wrong with my celica, no matter how frustrated I get with it, once its all back together I fall in love with it again the second I get behind the wheel. If that feeling is gone for you and your six then best of luck selling it and someone is going to get one hell of a car.

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Lol, I just need to focus on saving some cash and driving my mazda3. I am not really thinking about trades.

Honestly Mike it's more of the latter part. I just don't see myself finishing what I started and I could absolutely use the $$ elsewhere. I'm not in a bad financial situation but every bit helps. I'd like to start traveling more and I can't do that when I keep spending money on the car I don't drive. And yes, somebody is going to get a hell of a deal on this car. It's not in perfect running condition but the parts are worth a lot by themselves.

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Well I'm going to have to take my car off the market. I took it for a drive today and it was overheating and [shizzle] when I got back. The brakes did start to work but they were still weak.

I'm taking it to the shop next week to have a bunch of the little problems resolved. If it ends up having a bad head gasket I will either part the car/motor or fix it and continue as planned but I need to get a price quote on the work it needs first.

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if you part the car how much for the custom ground cams?

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lol sorry, I don't mean to sound like a grave robber but if you part you 6 how much for your yellow fogs, Probeaddiction Front and Rear strut tower bars, AWR 19mm Rear Sway bar with adjustable end links?
and how you do a VAF delete?
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