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many of you dont know this but Mazda has Types too....

This is all second on the first gens is very hard to find

sorry this are for 626s only second gens, well not as such as 626s.....actualy its the Efini Ms-8, sedan of gen 2 626s Efini enhased
Type X - KL-ZE engine, Luxury
Type R - KL-ZE engine, lighter than type X
Type R-J same deal as Type R only lighter
Type G - 2.0 engine

the Ms-6(the second gen hatch) has similar deal, though each type has two engines the 2.0(KF-ZE) and 1.8(K8-ZE), both are V6s
two Types
Type G and Type S

Mx6s were only seperated by body code
2.5 is E-GE5B(KL-ZE)
2.0 is E-GEEB(KF-ZE)

Oh.....there also was a capella/626 option C2 (first gen)... yep the rare 626 coupe...NOT thesame thing as mx-6 but very close

another first gen thing.....first gens were avalible B6 variant 1.6 engine that used to be in familia engine bay.....yes the same bay that houses BP block the turbo 4WD famila.....and BP-ZE is the engine for stuff like that could make for intresting swaps.....though very anfortuanate that B6 is a stroker too just like F2 (78.0*83.6) but the DOHC version (out of familia, the capella block is just a OHC) produses 130 horses with 10 to 1 compression.

BTW the most powerfull Mazde V6 is not KL-ZE but a KJ-ZEM @220Hp the engine is out of Eunos 800 MC
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