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South Bay / SoCal

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is there anyone around the Torrance/Carson/Gardena area that has a GT?

i just want to look at it in person and ask questions. :tup:
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Im in L.a and have a 1st gen GT
word. i don't think i'll be in LA anytime soon. lol

but i'll send a PM if anything.

i had 626 GT in mind to get or a 323 GTX. hehe
guess there's not a lot of folks out there...
or most of them don't post here. :shrug:

what kind of car do you have?
1990 Rx-7 =]

my bad, since there isn't a lot of activity, i haven't logged on for awhile.
south bay is a hop, skip and a jump from LA.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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