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Spacer Vibration?

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I have a set of FDs with 5mm H&R spacers. I am getting vibration at speeds over 70mph. I have had the brand new tires balanced 3 times. They are blaming the spacers for the vibration and saying there is nothing that can be done. My mechanic looked at the tires and said two of them have some run out but the tire shop said its within specs.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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Probably something else, check ball joint and tie rods?
why don't you take the spacers off and see if you still have vibration? Not sure if the FDs rub, just don't turn very hard
if the tires are that new and they already have irregular wear then there is probably something worn or loose on those sides. check suspension and steering linkages cause if the spacers were the problem then all four tires would have the same irregular wear pattern
I've got the 5mm spacers in the back and with tires balanced and WITHOUT a recent alignment, I haven't had any vibration. I also vote check all your suspension stuff, including all bushings, endlinks, etc.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. After yet another tire balancing, the vibration is much better, still a bit noticeable at some speeds but better. This leads me to believe it is the tires, they also said because they are using a "static balance" they will never be perfect. I don't want clip on weights on my newly powder coated rims (using tape weights). I went with a Cooper Zeon 2XS, a cheaper performance tire but still a good brand name ( I think they have a bit of runout). For now I am going to live with it and just drive the damn thing! Just FYI we did check all tie rod ends and ball joints, they seem tight. We also just changed the end links, they started making poping noises when the FDs were installed. If anything hopefully this thread will help someone down the road who runs into these problems. My simple suspension and wheel upgrade took a long time to iron out. I am a bit of a prefectionist and won't settle for poor handling. As of now she drives very very well. As my mechanic has said you no longer need to use the brakes on our twisty Northern California roads. Good luck everyone!
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