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Hey there guys,
Over the weekend I just bought new spark plugs (NGK..I'm not sure of the # right now) and I was wondering what the gap is supposed to be. Do they come pre-gapped...the box doesn't say anything about it?
And not that I'm trying to suck up or anything ( lol (, I am really proud of this site and all of you who made it. I review it almost every day and tell all my buddies about it...they all dig the sixer.
Thanks Guys (and Girls)

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Thanks a lot!

Thanks everybody. I'm going to install them tonight (I suppose you can all tell I'm a complete novice) the way, do you think a .44 gap is ok for the 4 cyl?
I couldn't find a definitive page on it.

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Plug gap for the 2.0L is 0.040"-0.043". Usually, plugs come pre-gapped but they should be double-checked before installation.

Use anti-seize compound on the threads. Tighten to 11-16 ft-lbs (15-22 N.m). Do not overtighten.
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