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Spider Gears replacement how to?

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Can someone please direct me to a write up on how you split the transmission case and replace the spider gears. My spider gears need replaced in my probe tranny that is in my MX6. My old MX6 tranny that broke seems to have good spider gears, so I'd like to take them out and put them in the probe tranny currently in my car. I unbolted EVERYTHING on the outside of my MX6 tranny on the garage floor and the transmission is split apart about 1/2" but I can't get it to fully separate, like it's stuck or there is something else I have to do. I removed every bolt and sensor from the transaxle case. Does it have to be in a certain gear or what? And how would I get it into that gear.

And I don't much like the gearing in this probe tranny, it's geared lower, the rpms are too high on the highway. So would it be possible to put my whole MX6 differential into the probe tranny and then would I have the stock MX6 gearing again?

Thanks. 93 MX6 LS v6 2.5L 5spd
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Do a search on the net for protege transmission rebuild or something of that nature. There's a good thread out there with step-by-step instructions, and the Protege tranny is very similar to ours iirc, so it should apply to you as well. Also, I believe everything in the tranny can be swapped between mx6 and probe trannys based on threads I've read over on probetalk...I personally don't know much about it, just what I've read.

Good luck.
I did find a thread explaining how to switch out the differential, and it looks like a huge pain in the ass and not worth it, so I just bought a used tranny for $300 about an hour away and gonna start swapping it now. thanks.
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