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Spit on Sunday 21st sept

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Just wondering if anyone in the brisbane/goldcoast/ipswich areas were going to go to the Spit on Sunday. It would be a nice day and great to see more then the usual 1 mx6 that goes out (me). Oh and 626s are also welcome and i spose tx5s haha
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i dont know what a spit is.

but i hope its a spit roast

haha oh yeah the spit forthose who dont know, is on the Gold Coast near Seaworld
i havent been there in a long, long time. kinda got over worrying about getting defected and stopped going, always dickheads there = cops. plus ill be out of town.....but have fun!
dam and i changed it to include 626s just for u! As for the dickheads yes there are alot there usually thats why i want the mazda team there in force cleaning the place up a bit
I have stuff planned for this weekend, but i may be up for a trip to Toombul one thurs night in the near future.

Also, this thread should/will be in the Cruise section.
im up north for the weekend anyway, but definately some sort of bris cruise soon?
yeh im usually out on a thurs night with my mates headin to toombul and what not most likely see u all out soon enough
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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