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Spray painting wheels?

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Hey guys, so I got my wheels sand blasted down to bare alum.

I was thinking of just using a simple glossy silver paint to make them look "nice". I don't want to spend a lot of $$ on them since I got them for so little.

What have you guys used that's held up to road grime, brake dust, etc.??

Something in a rattle spray can would be great, so if they ever get scratched or something I could just touch it up on the car.

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On my wheels right now from the previos owner are painted with what appears to be just some gloss black paint. Its on pretty thick tho (Runs on a few spots) but it hasnt chipped yet or wore off.:shrug:
Good to know, I found that Duplicolor actually makes a wheel paint that's supposed to hold up to brake dust and the elements, so I'll try that. go with silver or a gunmetal flake, hmmmm =)
Silver spray paint never looks good, no matter the company.

Id go with gunmetal, personally.
Will keep that in mind...thanks man.
I used Dupli-Color High Performance Wheel Coating Color (Graphite) and primer more than happy. :)
People seem to favor the graphite for sure, I'm just not sure it'd look as good on the wheel that I have.

BBS VZ Bright Silver Paint

But I'll definitely be painting them =)
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