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Remove and replace
GT upper beaver and o/s t/light PL
Tailgate Dis/Ass and Fittings

20 hours @ 23.00 478.40

Repair and Align
Tailgate O/s and inner frame
rear beaver pnl, and floor pan
o/s 1/4 panel and reset gap
o/s tailamp mount pnl

33 Hours @ 23.00 759.00

Respray necessary areas and blend in low bake enamel
and colour match 585.00


Total labour hours 53.80 1822.40

Parts required

Rear bumper 231.00
Rear Bumper BRKT 105.00
o/s tailamp assy 350.00
Beaver Panel-upper 121.00
liftgate badge - ford 60.10
liftgate badge telstar tx5 red 37.80
liftgate garnish tx5 red
Total 904.90


i wonder if they will accept 3000 and let me off with the 3 cents,
well i woke up car down the street, its beautiful ass kissing a pole.....
car was locked, no one saw ****!
dunno what to do with the tx5 now, should i fix it or sell it
everytime i look at it

any advice would be helpful
thanks guys

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the car is worth nothing as it is correct ? so you are virtualy buying back your own car....

if you can fix it but if u cant go buy a datsun 120y :)

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its a 1989 tx5 turbo

3000 to repair it

bought it for 5.5 from a granny

the car is mechanically awesome

in my opinion is still is worth something, the crash doesnt look that bad
but these cars and there parts

its a bitch

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I know where you are an you have to weigh up your options.
I'm mean for $3000 you can easily find a same model car might no be in the same condition yours was but you soon can make it that way by using your wreak and then selling bits you don't need.
I could have done it with mine, but mine had so much done to it it would have cost more labour to do a swap into another mx-6. S oit was not worth it.

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sound's like a re shelling is in order
buy a tx5 for like 500-1000 with damaged bumper or panel
bobs your mothers brother
or put your motor/running gear in a at sedan much lighter!!

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look for a good backyard mac!!!!, all the parts from the wreakers.....and ull b looking at half the price!

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I agree that the quote could be reduced greatly. Look around for cheaper parts, like wreckers or whatever.

Is that the first quote you got, if so go get some more. Smash repairers quotes will vary greatly, up to 1k sometimes.

Also you dont really need the things like the badges, thats $100 right there. If you really want them back you can have mine that my painter still has somewhere apparently.

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i agree the parts they will put on your car for 3k are just going to be second hand items anyway so scout the wreckers and try to come up with as many parts as you need as possible, maybe you could bring it down 500 or so dollars...

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