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I just installed a set of Billet Aluminum racing axles. These are the stage 1 kit for our car. I purchased them from Frank J. Rehak III. He works for The Drive Shaft Shop in Islandia, NY. The phone number is 1-800-564-2244. The email address is He built the axles for my 1996 MX6 M-Edition within 1 day. They cost $326.00 including tax. They were a great puchase, since my stock axles went at 45K miles. The stage 1 kit comes with Billet Aluminum joints. They weight a lot less than the steel stock joints. Reducing weight and increasing durability is always a plus. I am very happy with them, and recommend the Drive Shaft Shop for all of you. The stage 2, and 3 include upgraded Hubs, which are also Billet Aluminum, and a few other things. Call Frank if you have any questions and let him know that Ed from DC with the 1996 Mazda MX6 M-Edition sent you. There just might a bird dog fee. Later................
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