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Stainless Lines!!!

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I recently purchased a full set of cross drilled rotors, pads, and stainless lines for my 96 Mazda MX-6 M. The set has been performing extremely well for the past month (they were put on Sept 13th). I had them installed at a local shop since the car needed to go in for other reasons, but I kept a good eye on things.

The only problem we had was that the lines did not fit the mounting brackets very well and we had to wedge in the clips.

Everything was fine until today. Luckily I was only going about 10mph about a block from my house, but my brakes suddenly were gone. I used the e-brake and got out of the car to see a puddle of brake fluid by the rear driver's side wheel. My guess was that one of the connectors had come loose or popped off. Unfortunately this was not the case. The brake line had actually severed itself just above the middle fitting.

I have attached a picture of the severed line. The only explanation I can come up with is that the line was being bent back and forth along with the suspension until the metal fatigued and snapped. However, I have not driven on any rough roads and was going very slowly on smooth pavement when it happened.

Even so, I believe the line was installed properly, so this should not have happened unless the line was faulty. The other side of the car looks ok, but you can tell the line is somewhat crimped. I attached a picture of it, although the e-brake line is in the way. You can at least see how the line is longer than necessary and bends to run through the bracket. I am not 100% sure these are the right lines for my car.

I was extemely lucky that it happened where it did, but needless to say, I am not happy about it. A replacement is probably in order, but I don't think I trust braided lines anymore.

I bought these from

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Hey man, there is a thread with DOZENS of similar situations over at ProbeTalk.

Its a pretty BIG safety issue. Someone is going to get sued if they continue to sell poorly manufactured/engineered solutions like that, disclaimer or not. Luckily I read all of those horror stories and replaced mine with new rubber stock instead of SS.

You should do this instead. It's an old road racer trick(ss lines were restricted in that particular class). It works just as well as the ss lines. And best reason of's dirt cheap.
I wish I would have seen those threads over on ProbeTalk before I bought them. I didn't realize they did this.

Of course the local Ford does not carry the stock rubber lines, and can order them for me to the tune of $56 for one side and $48 for the other. Umm, obviously the person I was talking to was retarded (as usual for Ford) and looking up something different than brake lines, but I didn't feel like arguing.

The shop that put them on is going to replace them with universal rubber ones today.

Maybe I'll try that zip tie method. However, that seems like a lot of effort and zip ties still cost money.
jdwk said:

Maybe I'll try that zip tie method. However, that seems like a lot of effort and zip ties still cost money.
A couple of quick thoughts..... That loooks like a lot of work, and frankly I don't like work.
Secondly, I'm having issues coping with using zip ties on my car. I just got all over my friend for considering the "Zip tie mod" on his 02 Z06. My thinking is that if you can afford a Z06 you'd better be able to find a better way to mod it then with zip ties.
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