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stamp ??????

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hey guy i have a 91 mazda mx6 gt ..... with 5 speed trans.... i was wondering what casting stamp for ours trans is ? as well as our motor.....
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Casting stamp? The engine and transaxle will have a tag on them with your VIN... The engine has F201 stamped on it as well; head too. When I get home I can check for numbers on block and transaxle for the ones I have laying around...
well, i can tell you the motor itself is a f2t engine, and the trans is a H series fwd. i dont even think there is another fwd mazda using the H series trans other then the probe/mx6/626
i need a trans bad.......
The WSM calls it an H5M-R for GT and G5M-R for DX/LX.
dose any one happen to know of any other cars that take the same trans .. i mean other then the 85-92 626 gtand the probe gt//???????
88-92 626/mx6 turbo and 89-92 ford probe turbo. thats it.
well.... the internals are the same on the 90-92 Probe LX with the 3.0L Vulcan, but you'd have to swap bellhousings for them to fit.

And the only problem with that is that those 5spds are harder to find than the F2t ones:lol:
i saw a tranny on ebay last night for 400 bucks!!! pretty good deal... except i'm sure theres no warranty
Id sell you mine for $300.... but then you'd ahve to drive here and yet it:p
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