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Today I went to start the car and nothing happened. For a moment, the power came on but as soon as I tried to start the car...nothing, and repeated attempts after that failed to even get power to the car. The first thing I checked was the battery. It still had an full charge so I took off the connections and cleaned the terminals and all was well. By the way this is the second time this has happened. The first time about a month ago was when I changed the transmission fluid. I told my friend about this and he said the starter may start to go. It already takes a couple or cranks to turn over. Has anyone else had this problem?

But here is another idea I had. Since I am still having the problem with the check engine light (Code #3), I was wondering if that could have something to do with it since the fail safe for code #3 is that the engine would stop. On the other hand the engine light comes on an off as it wants and it doesn't have this starting problem all the time.

Secondly if it is the (Code #3) problem is it the camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor, and what is the g-signal? What is wrong with either the cam or crank to cause the sensor to trip.

I am going to be starting school at the University of Washington in a month so any engine rebuilds I would like to do before then. So I would like to finally figure out what is going on.

As confused as ever,

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