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Steering/Ride quality

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HI Guys,

ok, before I go spending money and all that, i was hoping you genius's might be abel to advise me. This is the problem:

my car drives ok at low speeds. If I were to for example, floor it from standing, the car pulls to the right, and feels unstable.

If I drive it at high speeds, say over 50MPH, it feels unstable, life if i were to suddenly pull righ tor left, you know the sensation?

Grip doesnt feel great either.

I am questioning this because I am sure that when I first got the car, I didnt have this trouble, everything felt right (on my old Prelude, the same, everything felt right)

This is what I have: 17" alloys, with some randomn sports tyre on I got off a garage, who took them off his Audi A3 (correct size/dia/rim etc) and they have plenty of tread. They are 40 profile.
I have had the car checked out months ago, I was told everything seems ok, and that it was probably torque steer. So the mechanic thinks the mechanics are fine. I dont!

Even though these are big cars with big engine, i feel the steering/general feel of the drive shoudl be far better (it was in my Prelude) and I really want to sort this out as I love the car.

What can you guys advise to check? OH the steering alignment is defo out, my steering wheel points to the right after I had it re aligned when i got the new tyres, but didnt get chance ot take it back.

I appreicate I need to check the steering, but is ther eanything else? Because if anyone says "TYRES" then i can save and get new ones, then get the alignment done then, i dont want to get alignment done, only to find i still have an issue.

What else can I check? How can I be sure the rack is correct, or suspension/.wishbones etc?

I get paid next week, so hopeing to spend a little on her then..

hope you can help guys!
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Does the car seem to pull to one side on accelerating, and then pull to the opposite side when slowing....

If so, classic symptoms of worn balljoints or wishbone bushes... and better replaced as a complete unit..

Even a small amount of wear will make a big difference at speed.. but little or no difference at low speeds.

it is hard to explain yes, but I would agree with you John, it does seem to pull to the right when accelerating, ease of, and its back to normal. But even at high speeds, 60Mph+ it feels unsteady I would say. I would say it pulls to the other side when slowing though, more it just corrects and goes straight, but its the general unsteady feeling i get at high speeds that bothers me..

looking on probestore, i can see balljoint (wishbones) but also more expensive wishbones, which ones are you referring to john, and are they expensive to fit?
I had the same on mine clive, changed the wishbones to a set that i bought off john and hey presto issue solved.

right, i will have a shop around for new wishbones, they are £37 from probe store, which X 2 is slightly more than i can afford at the moment, considering I will probably pay £50 for a mechanic to fit them...I hope it fixes it, because it would be great to get the car feeling solid again.
Buypartsby are a little cheaper, but not by much...

Fitting is fairly easy.. and to be honest, probably easier than the job you took on Clive.

Loosen wheel nuts.
Jack up, put on stands.
remove wheel.
remove a few bolts.
drop the ball joint from the hub.
remove the arm from the car.
replace arm.

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OHHHH, I see what you mean now, yes, I reckon I might JUSt be able to do it. ONLY one small minor problem-I am a weakling, and last time I couldnt even loosen my wheel nuts (no thanks to Air wrenches..), but I will give it a bash myself, will save a hell of a lot of money no doubt?

thanks John!
From what you are describing its the wishbone bushes for sure.
Car starts to feel all vague and wandery, save some money and buy yourself some polybushes, its worth it for the sharpness you get in the steering, although it does firm up the ride a little.
ah right, so you suspect the bushes? Are these easy enough to replace? I could try this first to see if it helps...?
The bushes are what's at fault but the bushes themselves are a pain to do, so I've been told. I bought a set which I have lying around here somewhere but my mechanic told me it would be easier and cheaper for him to replace the wishbones. Maybe hes just lazy but he only charged me £30 so can't really grumble.

If I can find the bushes and you want them you can have them for postage mate. Should only be a few quid.

yeah, maybe I should just replace the whole wishbones/bushes, I intend keeping the car a long time so some new parts are welcome! Thanks for your help guys, I reckon its best to do both sides, and if its approx £30 for a mechanic to do even better!
guys, I am going to ring around today for prices on parts, but I just want to check I am asking for the right thing to fix my current problem, do I need:

Ford Probe Store - Ford Probe/Mazda Store/RocSpeed - UK & European Specialists for Ford Probe, Mazda MX-3, MX-6, 626, Xedos & 323F, Spares, Parts, Modifications front and rear


Ford Probe Store - Ford Probe/Mazda Store/RocSpeed - UK & European Specialists for Ford Probe, Mazda MX-3, MX-6, 626, Xedos & 323F, Spares, Parts, Modifications left and right

or just the ball joints?

I am going to try andrew page, buy parts by if that fails, probe store.

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You may as well replace the whole wishbone, as you get the balljoint and all the bushes already fitted. which is the second link you posted...

Here are the other links..

Probestore £75.98 + delivery however much that is

buypartsby. £72.12 inc VAT & Delivery (£7.50)

Ebay starts at £50 each with £10 delivery..
Japarts are £62 each
Nippon Auto £82 each..

If you decide to keep your wishbone, and just replace the bushes and balljoint, it could cost more in parts... and certainly cause problems trying to refit the balljoint..
Much easier to replace the wishbone complete.

I got mine from Buypartsby, but to be fair, they were even cheaper then..

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ok thank sJohn, I will do the whoel lot, I am just waiting to hear form BPB to see if thier wishbones come with the ball joints and bushes liek Probestroes do. The other examples you gave are way more expensive, so I will stick with BPB or Andrew Page if they have them. I totally agree now about replacing the whole lot, makes sense in the long run!!

I have other tasks looming i think, in the form of creaking rear suspension, oh well!
right, am all organised. Parts ordered now from BPB, easy best price, Andrew Page was 20 odd quid MORE. Hoepfully parts will come next few days, I will then take to garage to fit if I cant get my wheels off!
right, am all organised. Parts ordered now from BPB, easy best price, Andrew Page was 20 odd quid MORE. Hoepfully parts will come next few days, I will then take to garage to fit if I cant get my wheels off!
While stripping the J-spec I found this to be the most usfull bit of kit in my tool box,

a 1m length of tubing!! With a ratchet in the end I was able to remove even the most stuborn of bolts, get your self one Clive and you'll never get sand kicked in your face again :p

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Whilst very true, and a good tip Mark.. (mine was about 2 metres, and still had to jump on the end)
He won't need to bother as the hub nut can stay on.. (probably the tightest nut on the car) He only needs to release the balljoint from the hub..

hmm..perhaps I do need an extension, but lads, I beat you all, I borrowed a 3 meter long peice of scaffold from mi mate, he converted it for just such a job, wiuth a tightening plate at the end fo rthe ratchet. Only one problem with these, i risk damging the sid eof my car as i jump up and down on it!!

I will give it a go, if ii cant do it, i will have to pay Mr Mechanic to do it for me (thats his company name, its not made up!)
Parts ordered form BPB, but i wont get them till mid week next week...

I rung my Mechanic, and he reckons about £70 to fit them, maybe more.OUch, does this sound right? I might call my other mech I think he is much cheaper, its just wether or not he feels like working on it!
seems a bit much.. maybe £40 tops..
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