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how do i post pics like the one on here on dual exaust, the pics just come up with out going to others web site. i really would like to post my 6 on here but i still dont know how and the way others are doing it with yahoo, i dont under stand . i am a aol user too.

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If you can upload your pics somewhere you just have to use the img vbcode to display it here. Unfortunately you cant upload your pics to our server because we dont have enough disk space, so if you have an AOL webpage, upload them there. Or you can create a Yahoo picture gallery that allows you to upload your pics. Where ever they are there will be a URL or link directly to the picture. The easiest way to find the link is to go to where the picture is displayed and right-click on the picture then select Properties from the menu that appears. An Address(URL) will be displayed, you can copy the URL by highlighting it and pressing <Ctrl>+C at the same time on your keyboard.
Then when you post a message here, paste the URL (press <Ctrl>+V to paste) using the Image tag (img). It will look like this but without the spaces in the img part:
[i m g][/i m g]

Hope that helps.

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