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SilverLS said:
I just installed a new stock clutch in spring, at the time i wasnt planning on installing a turbo or anything that would require an extreme clutch.. So, my question is, will the stock clutch hold at all or is there no point trying and i might aswell install a new one in spring??
Which clutch do you reccomend for a turbo application? will the CM1 be good enough? CM3 is very expensive, im not looking to spend that much on a clutch, i did just have one put in:( .. Are there any other less costly options?
the thing with the cm1 is if you slip it once, bad... (ie fully clamped, just being overcome by tq) its cooked... with the kevlar faced units, you slip it once bad.. its still not a good thing, but once it cools down again it should still be usable.

maybe a cm2 - which is a cm1 except with kevlar?

theres also ACT - PT guys have had good luck with them on turbo'd cars... theres also southbend.

i have a cm3.. and love it... stock pedal feel.. very easy engagement so its not "on or off" only like some clutches can be
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