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strange feeling when at stop light.

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hey guys ..

so bout a month ago i rattle the exhaust off my car..

so it was really loud and annoying and did some funky things while idle which i thought were due to lack of back pressure.

but now that i got my exhaust all fixed up again. when im stopped at a light at first its fine . then if im there for a lil bit my car feels like it like taps into gear (btw atx second gen) and along with this comes a small rpm drop (2-300, not much at all) then back up to regualr. then itll do it again.. but when i continue to drive its fine again .. then the same sequence of waiting occurs at the next light.

any ideas.
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what engine do you have? I'd make sure the car is fully tuned up (plugs wires cap rotor fuel and air filters). past that it could be the distributor on its way out, timing, egr clogged iac or tps problems too
Yeah just a tune up would be a good thing(plugs, wires, disty, cap, rotor). If the problem persists, I'd check the tranny out... but chances are it's with wires and plugs.
sounds good guys ill do that,
Could be o2 sensors or a leaky fuel injector, lol I've been hoping from thread to thread saying the same things. I had the exact same problems as most of you did and I resolved them by replacing the o2 sensors and pouring in some fuel system cleaner. I bought Duralube fuel system cleaner and it worked pretty much right away, I hate all that liquid nonsense, pour in your gas tank quick fix yada yada but this one actually worked which is fine with me as it was only like 15 bucks.

But ya good luck to ya, don't be discouraged it's a quick fix.
which o2 sensors ... sorry for mynoobness but isnt there a whole bunch?
which o2 sensors ... sorry for mynoobness but isnt there a whole bunch?
AFAIK, there's one per header for OBD-I cars plus an extra post-cat one for OBD-II

if you pull codes, it'll usually tell you which one
The 97 has four o2 sensors. One on each exhaust manifold, one before the cat and one after the cat.
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