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street racing legislation?

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Hey guys,

came across this on another forum from a person who supposedly has wrote this book ... check it out........ explains alot now

The street racing legislation is illegal.



Despite the fact that I wrote the book, I think all those people who have bought and read the book so far will agree that it's an awesome book and that you guys need it.

I did a book signing at Coles in Scarborough Town Centre last weekend and from there the book is kind of taking on a life of its own. We all need this book to take on a life of its own because the book has the power to change the law for the better. But you guys need to read it to see how and why.

The other people who need to see the book are the MPPs of course and in due time that'll happen.

The Ontario government broke the law to enact the law.

They did not follow all the steps required to make the law official so the law is not really a law. That would be Section 172 of the Highway Traffic Act.

In creating this law the government did quite a number of unsavoury and illegal things.

The obvious one of course was denying the right to remain innocent until proven guilty. That is a right guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It is legal for a province to set aside a guaranteed right. But it has to be done in a certain way to be legal and it is not easy to do. In fact, since the Charter came into force in 1982, it has only been done twice.

The province did not fulfill its obligations under the terms of the clause.

That of course can be disputed in court and at some point it will be.

However, to bring the legislation to a vote, my belief is that the Ontario Legislature was given inaccurate, incomplete information in a deceptive manner. In other words the law was enacted fraudulently and Ontario MPPs were duped.

In addition, when the police started seizing cars and extorting money, they initially used the Civil Remedies Act. Since that is federal legislation, they had no authority to change the wording of the Act. It had to be used the way it was.

None of the incidents where the cars were seized met the conditions of that Act. Therefore I believe the cars were stolen by the police and monies extorted illegally. That is almost certainly why the Civil Remedies Act was set aside and the amendments to Section 172 were rushed into law. It was a panic situation driven by the enormous liability that would ensue should any of the defendants realize that their own government had committed major criminal code offences against them. But since they followed that mistake with others, the government's potential liability has grown rather than shrunk.

In addition, to create the street racing legislation, new meanings were invented for the words racing and stunt.

These new meanings were used to entrap the general public. The intent was not to catch real street racers. Entrapment is illegal. It's generally used as a defence against police drug busts and usually unsuccessful. But this is a case where the police are entrapping the general public using misleading, deceptive and vague terminology.

That is bad enough. But by using this dirty trick, the government set a precedent where it can arbitrarily change the meanings of words and thus the intent of all Ontario legislation can be altered at will without public support by using fictitious support material that bears no relationship to the facts.

That means the street racing legislation destablizes all of Ontario's legislation. We have lost nearly one thousand years of legislative progress without a whimper. You are now guilty until proven guilty.

Regardless of the court verdict and due to the roadside penalties, every person stopped pays a heavy price regardless of innocence.

This law is the yellow brick road to racial discrimination on a grand scale.

You do not even have to be charged to lose your car, your license and a huge pile of money. If the cop doesn't like you, you are done with no recourse.

You have to wonder what is going on when the towing industry is known to have been infiltrated by organized crime and the police are tightly tied to them in a variety of ways that spell huge profits for towing companies. The opportunities for something, something are pretty obvious.

You can PM me if you want a copy of my book on the subject so you can see how to defend against your own government which in my opinion has evolved into an organized criminal gang.

This is happening folks. It's real and it's wrong.

You guys may not have seen your selves as defenders of the democratic process, but now you're on the front lines and your cars and your financial futures are on the line too.

While you may say that you are not going to break this law, the chances of that are near zero, the law is that broad. You can be nailed for suspicion. You don't have to be moving even. You fight this or eventually you may be kissing your cars goodbye.

Don't think for a moment that the police have to charge you with an actual offence that's on the books. They frequently dream up charges that don't exist. It's up to you to defend yourselves. It costs a lot of money to defend.

When you are done, unless you are well off, you will have to sell your vehicle to pay your legal expenses - even if you won

09-15-2008, 09:57 PM
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the part about now we are guilty until proven innocent is so faqin true. this law makes me angry. we must do something, what can we do?
petition your member of parliament, maybe if enough people make themselves heard they'll have to do something
So this is written by a guy that is circulating it on his own? How and where do we get a copy? I thought there was also a book out there on all the things you can and can't do to your car, in accordance to the laws or racing. I heard you're not even suppose to change your steering wheel, is this true? How bout underglow? This new racing law sucks, my buddy did a burnout and got a ticket for "Performing a Stunt". It's crap! Anyway, how do we get a hold of all this info?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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