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Strut Mounts AND Bearings?

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You think its a good idea to go ahead and get new front bearings with the new mounts for the new shocks? Does that bearing even make a difference?

Also, is Tire Rack the cheapest mounts around for $47?
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I would highly recommend replacing pretty much everything inside the strut assemblies if you're changing the struts themselves. Worn bearings and rubber can cause all sorts of suspension clunking while turning. In my opinion, if you're goona do it, do it right the first time.

Upon dissasembling the struts, you will likely find that the rubber spring seats, bump stops, boots, bearings, and mounts are probably all worn out. All of this stuff (minus the mounts) will cost about $50 per strut from the dealer, so be prepared for the expense.

Mounts should cost about $60 a piece as well. I would avoid Tire Rack as I ordered a mount from them (for the rear) and it wasn't even close to being the right one. Most local parts stores should have the mounts in stock. Gabriel makes good replacements. If your stock mounts are still looking solid and aren't rusted to heck you _might_ be able to keep them.

You're probably saying "damn, this is goona be expensive!" but this stuff ain't cheap, and you'll regret putting the struts back together with the worn factory accessory parts.
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Yeah I figured I might as well do it right the first time and get all new stuff. Now I just gotta save a little more money up.
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